Best Hookup Apps in LA {2023}

Los Angeles is a bustling metropolis with vibrant nightlife and a diverse population. As such, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of hookup apps available for Angelenos to explore in the dating scene among youngsters. But with so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs. In this article, we’ll break down the top hookup apps in LA, their features, changing spaces and what sets them apart.

Best Hookup Apps in LA

What is a Hookup App in LA?

A hookup application available in LA is a mobile online service that makes casual encounters between consenting adults easier. Unlike dating apps that prioritize finding long-term relationships, particular hookup apps are mainly focused on helping adult users find short-term sexual encounters.

Top Hookup Apps in LA

There is already a well-chosen selection of top hookup apps available in LA.


Tinder is a widely popular dating app that has a reputation for being a go-to choice for casual hookups. The app’s swiping feature allows users to quickly browse through potential matches and message those they’re interested in. In LA, Tinder is particularly popular among the 18-24 age range.


Bumble is another popular dating app that has gained a reputation for being a hookup app. Like Tinder, Bumble allows users to swipe through potential matches, but it has the added feature of requiring women to make the first move. This can be a plus for women who want to control the conversation and feel more comfortable reaching out.


Grindr is a hookup app specifically designed for gay, bisexual people, and queers. Grindr allows its users to quickly find other men in their area who are looking for casual sex. Grindr has a large user base in LA making it a go-to option for gay men in the city.

Hookup Apps in LA


Feeld is a unique hookup app that caters to people who are interested in non-traditional relationships, such as threesomes or polyamory. The app allows users to create profiles as singles or as couples, and it has a feature that lets users specify what kind of sexual experience they’re looking for.

Why Use a Hookup App in LA?

If you’re new to the LA dating scene or just looking to expand your sexual horizons, using a hookup app can be a convenient and efficient way to meet new people. LA is a sprawling city, and it can be difficult to find potential partners organically, especially if you’re busy with work or other commitments.

Using a hookup app in LA also allows you to be upfront about your intentions which can save time and potential awkwardness. Rather than trying to gauge someone’s interest in casual sex in person, you can connect with people who are explicitly looking for the same thing as you.

Pros & Cons of Using Top Hookup Apps in LA

Allows you to be honest about your sexual desiresCan be addictive and time-consuming
Saves timeAttract users who are not honest about their intentions
Convenient way to meet new interesting peopleCan be overwhelming due to the number of options provided
Offers flexibility in your dating lifeSafety measures are concerned when meeting strangers live
Provide access to a range of potential partnersSome apps require a paid (premium) subscription for getting full access
Can be a low-pressure way to explore casual sexPotential for disappointment or rejection
top hookup apps in LA

Tips for Using Hookup Apps in LA

  • Be Honest in Your Profile. When creating your profile on a hookup app, it’s important to be honest about what you’re looking for. This can help you attract the right kind of matches and avoid wasting time on people who aren’t interested in the same things as you.
  • Use High-Quality Photos. Your photos are the first thing potential matches will see, so it’s recommended to choose them reasonably. Use only high-quality photos that show you in a flattering light, and try to avoid group shots or photos with filters that obscure your appearance.
  • Be Respectful. Just because you’re using a hookup app doesn’t mean you can treat people poorly. Be respectful of other users’ boundaries and desires, and don’t pressure anyone into doing something they’re not comfortable with.
  • Stay Safe. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to prioritize your safety when using hookup apps in LA. If something feels off, then don’t hesitate to leave the situation.
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Final Thoughts

The LA hookup scene is diverse and lively. There are plenty of apps available to help you navigate it. By being honest about your intentions using good photos, being respectful, and staying safe, you can have a positive and fulfilling experience using hookup apps in LA. 

Remember to have fun and communicate clearly with potential matches to ensure a mutually enjoyable experience. Whether you’re looking for a quick fling or a more unconventional sexual experience, there’s an app out there for you. Remember to always prioritize your safety and communicate clearly with potential matches to ensure a positive experience.


Is It Safe to Use Hookup Apps in La?

Like any online platform, hookup apps may come with risks, such as dating someone who isn't who they say they are or encountering harassment. To stay totally safe, always meet up in public places, let your closest friends know where you're going, and always trust your instincts. Most hookup apps also have safety features, such as the ability to block suspicious users.

Can I Use Hookup Apps if I’m Not Looking for a One-Night Stand?

Absolutely. While hookup apps are often associated with casual sex, many users are open to other types of connections, such as friends with benefits or ongoing casual relationships. Be upfront about what you're looking for in your profile and be prepared to have conversations with potential matches about your boundaries and expectations.

Are Hookup Apps in LA Just for Young People?

Not necessarily. While many hookup apps have a large user base in the 18-24 age range, there are plenty of older users as well. Some apps, like Feeld, cater specifically to non-traditional relationships, which can attract users of all ages.

Are There Any Hookup Apps in LA Specifically for Women?

Yes, there are a few hookup apps that cater specifically to women, such as Her and Wingman. These apps provide a safer and more inclusive space for women to connect with potential partners in LA.

Can I Use Hookup Apps if I'm not Conventionally Attractive?

Absolutely. While physical appearance is certainly a factor in online dating and hookup apps, it's not the only factor. Many users are attracted to personalities, shared interests, and other qualities beyond physical appearance. Additionally, some hookup apps, like Feeld, prioritize non-traditional relationships which may attract users who are less concerned with physical appearance.

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