The Best Hippie Dating Sites To Use In 2024

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Hippie culture is one of the most interesting cultures out there. It is a counter-culture to war-oriented societies. Instead of spreading violence, hippies spread love and peace. The hippie movement began in 1965 as a protest against all the violence in the world. But the culture overall has much more to offer.

Most boys and girls hippies are into free love. They don’t like boundaries and prefer living their life. Thanks to modern tech, hippies all around the world can now unite and talk to each other, or much more. Dating websites offer a new way of dating and hooking up with like-minded amazing individuals.

Yes, today, you can find a hippie dating site and enjoy the company of hippies around the world. But how to choose the website, and how does it even work? Check out this article to learn more about this very interesting topic. You will also learn why it is beneficial to use hippie websites and what top hippie sites you could benefit from.

How Does Online Dating For Hippies Work?

If you are wondering how to get hippie dates online, this article is for you. Dating sites for hippies work just like most other dating apps. Here is the basic instruction of what you need to do to start finding people:

  • Create an account on a reliable mainstream or hippie website.
  • Upon completing the registration, add more details about yourself for the system to be able to connect you with compatible matches.
  • Add a few photos, better from different angles to prove that you are a real person, and don’t just download photos from the Internet.
  • Use the search, matchmaking functions, and various compatibility tests to find perfect matches.
  • Contact several people who match your personality.

To have the best results when seeking compatible partners, make sure to indicate what is your goal of using the dating app. Some people use platforms to find sex partners, others prefer to meet love, etc. You need to specify what your intentions are.

Hippie Dating Sites

How To Meet Hippie Dates Online?

Depending on whether you are a straight or gay hippie, or transgender, etc., you can use the same hippie websites but use them a bit differently. If you are straight, then specify you seek men or women. If you are gay, make sure you specify who you wish to meet. You got the idea.

The next important step to encounter a hippie date is to make sure you added your expectations. For example, you are a gay man, and you wish to encounter another gay hippie man to have serious romantic relationships. Your perfect match is 30-40 years old, has interests and hobbies (add what you prefer), wants to have serious romantic relationships.

You need to understand that you can meet a perfect match only if you are honest. The system will start offering you some real hippie matches, and you can choose who you are attracted to. The matchmaking system simply cuts all options that aren’t compatible and offers only profiles that you may find interesting. That’s why dating hippie sites are so popular among people. They save time, money and do the main job of differentiating between compatible and incompatible matches.

What Is The Cost Of Using Hippie Dating Websites?

Depending on the hippie website you are using, you may pay more or less. Some hippie sites and apps are free of charge. For example, the most popular free hippie dating site is Tinder. It’s not only for hippies, it is for everyone to use. One of its main advantages is the fact that you can find anyone on Tinder. Whether you are gay, transgender, straight, hippie, etc., you should be able to meet a match.

Tinder is only criticized for its alleged shallowness. Anti-fans claim Tinder is all about the “looks”, not personality. Fans call anti-fans shallow since it’s not possible to be attracted to the person only because of the personality. Let’s face it, we all fall for looks and then get to know each other better and fall in love.

As for the cost of using paid top hippie dating sites, it depends on the website. Usually, niche hippie sites are a bit lower in cost. It seems that European dating sites are cheaper too. For example, if you compare Match and Mamba, 3 months of Mamba cost around 13 dollars, while 3 months of using Match cost almost 15 dollars.

The general idea about membership subscriptions is that the longer plan you invest in, the lower are the costs. So, if you wish to pay less, it would be wise to buy a trial period or a month of using the hippie site to get a general understanding of how the hippie site works and whether it’s good in your case. If it is, it might be reasonable to buy 3, 6 months, or longer subscriptions.

You should be able to find a match among hippie singles within half a year or a bit longer. Unless you wish to use the site to find sex partners. In that case, it might be reasonable to buy a year to keep using the app to meet adult sex partners.

Are Hippie Dating Sites Legit To Use?

Yes, these websites are legit and even convenient. You may find people based on their age, appearance, hobbies, etc. For example, you might want to meet a young or old hippie woman, someone who likes an active lifestyle, with certain hobbies, etc.

It’s important to choose a legit hippie dating website, and here are some criteria to help you pick a perfect dating platform:

  • It has an HTTPS protocol. If a site is still on HTTP, don’t even bother using it, it has no safe connection to the Internet, and your data might be stolen or sold to third parties.
  • A hippie website has active members. If you can’t find several matches, the site won’t be helpful whether you are into serious romantic relationships or casual sex.
  • It is easy to use the hippie app or site.
  • Has a reasonable price.
  • Offers good matchmaking and search functions.
  • Has some additional features to keep you entertained (that’s not necessary).

If a hippie chat or dating site meets these requirements, it’s most likely a great and reliable hippie dating website. Use these criteria if you wish to use local websites. If you are OK with using mainstream and the best hippie apps, then you can check the list below. The next section of the article shows all the advantages of using apps to meet hippies online.

Advantages Of Using Hippie Dating Sites

If you are still debating on whether you should use a dating app, here are some advantages that might help you change your mind to using apps:

  • Save money. Yes, online dating is more cost-effective when compared to traditional dating.
  • Time-saving. It’s impossible to immediately find someone compatible when using traditional means of dating, whereas hippie dating sites match you according to your tastes.
  • Easy to create a perfect first impression since you have time to think about what to say.
  • It’s fun to use dating hippie sites.
  • You can meet like-minded individuals from all around the world.
  • You get a feeling of being in a community.

Dating sites deserve a chance. Especially if you prefer using reliable websites. It’s safer and more fun to use dating sites when you are trying to meet someone. Not to mention the precise matchmaking that saves our time.

Hippie Dating

The Best Hippie Dating Sites In 2024

If you want to simply get started without checking local apps, you may use the following list of apps. These are the 5 best options when it comes to dating for hippies.

Hippie Dates

One of the reasons why so many hippies love this hippie website is because it’s free to use. It also offers a pretty big hippie community that has many like-minded individuals. It’s easy to use, and it has a rather big audience as for a niche hippie site.

Dating For Hippies

This hippie dating website is perfect if you are looking forward to establishing serious relationships, finding friends, and chatting with like-minded individuals. The hippie website is dedicated to hippies, so it has everything you need. It’s easy to use the app, and it offers a pleasant user experience.

Hippies Date

This is one of the biggest hippie dating websites for hippies. Whether you are into the concept of “free love”, or you wish to meet someone for serious relationships, you can use Hippies Date to find what you want.

Hippie Now

This hippie website belongs to a huge network of other hippie sites, so you have a better chance of connecting to like-minded individuals. The hippie website is free to use, it’s safe and fun. It has a precise matchmaking feature, and you can benefit from some additional options to have even more fun while dating online.

Green Singles

This option is great if you wish to encounter like-minded individuals who want to have serious romantic relationships. It’s perfect if you care about our planet and want to meet someone who has the same opinion.

Paid Dating Hippie Websites

Above this section of the article, you have read about the overall best hippie dating websites, now check the list of some other sites you can use to find love, meet sex partners, etc. These sites are safe and paid:

  • Match.
  • eHarmony.
  • EliteSingles.
  • BeNaughty.
  • Mamba.
  • Badoo.

The last two options are perfect if you live somewhere in Europe. These mentioned sites are paid and safe to use. They provide you with more protection and better matchmaking features. But some free websites mentioned below are also very useful.

Free Hippie Dating Sites

If you don’t like the idea of spending on dating sites, here are a few great options to use without paying:

  • Tinder.
  • WellHello (not entirely free of charge).
  • Stranger Meetup.
  • Chatiw (not entirely free of charge).
  • Facebook Dating – could try it, it’s also free.

The safest option is Tinder. It’s a well-known website that has a huge community. The bigger audience gives you a better chance of meeting like-minded individuals and falling in love or finding sex partners.


Many hippie couples today have managed to find each other through Internet dating. It is fun to use dating sites since they allow you to have the perfect first impression. It is a known fact that we are a bit more confident online thanks to a feeling of anonymity even when we are using our real names and pictures. You can use this to your advantage, meet someone sexy and like-minded, and then make them fall in love with your awesome personality.

Dating sites are cost-effective since you take your time to meet someone, and only then do you start going out on dates. If you pay around 45 dollars to meet someone within three months, it’s a huge difference since traditional dates cost a lot more. One date might cost you this much money while you can spend them on dating online. The matchmaking system makes sure you are dating perfect matches, so dating apps deserve a chance.


Is It Possible To Meet Someone On Hippie Dating Websites?

Yes, you may meet love, friends, sex partners, simply like-minded individuals. People love surfing the Internet, so it’s possible to find someone you need.

Can I Get A Refund In Case I Don’t Like The Services?

Some websites offer refunds in case you weren’t satisfied with their services. Usually, these are mainstream websites that offer finding love. If you won’t find love, they might give you a refund, but only if you prove that you have been trying to find a match.

Is It Safe To Use Hippie Sites To Date Online?

Yes, if you are using reliable services. You can find the best sites in this article and read the criteria that determine the site’s quality.

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