Pure Review

Pure boasts of huge popularity. Let’s try to figure out what makes this platform so widely loved.

What Is The Pure App?

Pure is a popular adult platform that specializes in connecting people looking for sex in the here and now. Pure was launched in 2012 by Roman Sidorenko and Alexander Kukhtenko. After investing almost half a million dollars, Pure began to rapidly gain popularity in Eastern Europe, and later in other regions. Author and sexologist Carol Queen was the advisor during the development of Pure. The English version of Pure appeared in the AppStore at the end of October 2013, while the Android version of Pure was released in June 2015. From numerous Pure app reviews, it became known that in 2015 more than a million requests for dating were created.

The main concept of the work of Pure is similar to the principle of calling a taxi; only instead of a taxi, you get the sexiest babes who are nearby. The search for partners is carried out within a radius of 50 miles, determining the user’s location using GPS. With mutual sympathy, it becomes possible to text each other in the chat for 1 hour.

It is also worth mentioning in this Pure review that the platform is constantly being upgraded and is always open to interesting ideas that any user can send to the site’s mail. If you are interested and want to know more information about Pure, then keep reading this review. You will also learn all the truth about Pure, about all the pros and cons of the platform, and its key features.

Pure app

Pure Usability

Pure is very easy to use. There are no swipes or other unnecessary movements. All you need to do is to post an ad that interested sexy babes should respond to within 24 hours. Unlike most adult sites, Pure looks like a message board, where you can find exactly what you need: from communication on sexual topics to casual encounters in real life. Another convenient feature is the ability to change your preferences at any time by changing your gender. You can also decide whether to respond to new messages or watch them when entering the application or not.

If you take a photo with the camera in the app, the pic will be marked with a special “genuine photo” badge. You can share them in private chats so that no one has any doubts that the photo really belongs to you. The geolocation of your device also works great, changing the location changes and the search radius, thanks to which users who are close to you at the moment are accurately selected. It is worth noting in this Pure app review that you can always go to the FAQ section and find a detailed guide with pictures on how to use all the features there.

Is Pure Worth It?

What is worth noting in this review of Pure is that it is a great platform to be approached so far. The service has several advantages.


  • Modern design;
  • Fine-tuned matchmaking algorithms;
  • Registered users of any age;
  • Ironclad customer data protection;
  • Precise geolocation of your device;
  • Fraud warnings inside chat;
  • Instant chat for android and web;
  • Mobile app.


  • Your rates of other photos disappear in 24 hours after publication.

How Does Pure Work?

Pure compares favorably with most adult dating sites, and you can see users who are within 50 miles of you and ready to meet. Pure’s main slogan is openness and straightforwardness. If you don’t want to waste your time filling out questionnaires, then Pure is what you need. Despite the fact that this is a site for lovers of sex and various fetishes, there are certain rules in public chats, but in private chats, you can do whatever you want.

You can register in a convenient way by linking your Apple / Google account. Start with an ad to see who’s online right now, and they’ll see you right away. Tell us what you want and who you are looking for. The photo will increase the chances of a quick acquaintance. You can start searching for satellites by creating an ad efficiently. Let’s see how it works. You need to go to the “ad” tab inside the application, write what you are looking for, add your photo if you wish (just no nudity!). Now you see others in the feed, and they see you. From numerous Pure dating site reviews, it became known that you can also edit the text in the input field.

The main feature has increased protection against fraudsters. If, for example, you sent a photo, and your partner tries to take a screenshot, you will be notified about it. There is also a chat self-destruction feature. A few words about how it works. All correspondence is automatically cleared 24 hours after correspondence so that Pure customers do not fall prey to scammers and blackmailers. Pure also offers another super feature that alerts you to chat scammers. One of the newest features of Pure is video chat, thanks to which you can see the face and other more intimate parts of the body of sexy babes. In addition, you can order the “King of the Hill” service so that your profile is at the top of the search bar, which significantly increases the popularity among Pure users.

Sign Up / Registration

You can do the Pure log in with Apple / Google. Email is no longer needed – the authorization is now easier and safer. If you are already registered – they will recognize you; come in. The system will link the account with Apple / Google ID; you do not need to re-enter anything. Also, you have an excellent opportunity to indicate the mail with which you entered earlier and the code from the letter; this is suitable for those who are used to registering according to the standard.

Safety / Legal / Scam

Is Pure app legit? Unlike most adult dating sites, there is a feature that prohibits saving photos, so you will not be blackmailed by a third party. You can be calm during communication; if your interlocutor used one of the trigger words, the smart system automatically sends alerts. Pure’s administration advises you to think twice about what information you are willing to share about yourself. Don’t go to other messengers; chat on Pure. The site administration also takes care of his clients and strongly recommends that under no circumstances do they transfer money to interlocutors, do not give personal data or their bank details, links to accounts in other social networks, or instant messengers.

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Search & Profile Quality

The search engine, like most other functions, works flawlessly. The program will offer you those “users” who are near you and are now ready for sex adventures. The search radius works based on the GPS data of your device. You change your location – the radius of your search changes. As for the profiles, most of them are filled out qualitatively because the more complete the profile is, the more often the user receives messages from other members. But it’s also worth noting in this Pure review that you can skip filling out your profile during signup and come back to it later.

Cost / Prices & Plans

You can purchase a paid subscription to Pure for $ 8.99 per week of use. But if you want to visit Pure more often, it will be beneficial to purchase a subscription for a longer period. You can also order an additional service, “King of the Hill”, for an additional fee. What do you get by purchasing this service? Your profile rises to the top of the search feed. Here are the basic plans:

  • One week – $8.99;
  • One month – $14.99;
  • One year – $39..99;

Help & Support

If you have any payment or any other concerns, you can contact 24/7 support, who can help you resolve any issue with Pure. You can reach them by calling, sending a message to Pure mail, or using chat. Response times range from a few minutes to several hours. After processing your request, a Pure employee will contact you to advise you on how to resolve the issue.


Pure is a great site for quickly finding sexual partners within 50 miles. The site offers many powerful features. For a reasonable price of $ 8.99 per week, you get access to a select user base of real sex addicts and nymphomaniacs. The site is safe, and if you are married and looking for a site where your spouse will not burn you, there is a great feature of auto-deleting all correspondence here. The site also offers simplified registration; for this, you just have to select your Google or Android account.

Also, the site has an excellent modern design with many beautiful animations. It is also worth noting that the FAQ section has excellent step-by-step instruction for beginners on using the site. Therefore, summing up, we can say for sure that Pure is a great option for those who want to have fun and be confident in their safety.

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Is Pure Safe?

Pure's core concept is to keep customers safe. Thus, the platform uses 256-bit data encryption technology to provide maximum security for its customers. Also, to improve the security of customers, an application was developed to protect chats 24 hours after the correspondence. If both of you understand that this is not enough, click on the icon and, with the consent of the interlocutor, who will be assigned a random nickname, continue the conversation. After much research, the developers of the platform became convinced that nude bodies and sex tapes of their customers were best kept in the strictest confidence. Now, Pure has the ability to keep photos in strict confidence, so they will definitely remain in memory. This will save you from possible blackmail and useless nude collectors. This is why Pure is a reliable and safe adult site.

Is Pure A Real Adult Dating Site?

Pure co-founder Sidorenko told Mashable in August 2015 that Pure users generated over a million meeting requests in the past year. In our time, these numbers have grown significantly. Most of the platform users are residents of Eastern Europe, but you can also meet residents of other countries here. The site has a lot of positive reviews and an excellent reputation. So it is clear that this is indeed a real adult site. If you are looking for a site to quickly find sexual partners, then Pure is what you need.

Is Pure Good?

There is no doubt about that. Pure has everything to be considered a good adult site for one-night-stand casual sex. It is reliable, modern, easy to use, and extremely secure. Thanks to advanced features, there are no scammers on the site, and third parties cannot save the history of your correspondence and photos.

How Many Members Does Pure Have?

The Pure dating site is used by thousands of people around the world; most of them are Eastern Europeans. The number is growing, and more and more people are learning about Pure.

Can I Delete My Pure.app Profile?

Deleting a profile is done in one click. All you need to do is to go to the profile settings and click the corresponding button.

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